About Dominic List

Born in the mining town of Silverdale in Stoke on Trent, Dominic List has come a long way since he attempted his first sale.  Displaying entrepreneurial spirit from an early age, he placed a sign on his parents’ front gate which read “bike 4 sail, up this drive”. Amazingly, he was only four at the time, but it marked the start of a quite incredible journey which gathers pace with every passing year.

It has so far seen him launch three businesses, collaborate with arguably the best known of all UK entrepreneurs – Sir Richard Branson, and appear on the popular Channel 4 show, The Secret Millionaire. But the journey is far from complete, and Dominic is always on the lookout for new projects which he can throw everything into.

 “There is a real thrill about coming up with an idea, developing it and then putting in the hard work that transforms your vision into a success. But I also get huge satisfaction from helping others, and that has increasingly become a major consideration in everything that I do.”

Having already made a successful exit from his first tech company Converged Solutions, in 2005 he founded Comtact - www.comtact.co.uk - and following success in the healthcare space went onto form Comtact Healthcare in 2006 - www.comtacthealthcare.com.   In Comtact’s brief history, the company has scored success twice in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100, Deloitte Fast 50 UK and 500 EMEA and National Business Awards.

“With my technology businesses, the key to their success has been to harness technology to solve real World business issues.  This coupled with a highly consultative customer approach has proved very successful.”

Creating two technology companies worth £10 million+ in just four years, led to an approach to take part in The Secret Millionaire, taking Dominic out of the boardroom and onto the streets of one of London’s most violent districts, Peckham. Millions watched his emotional journey, as he ultimately invested around £50,000 in three community based projects and enabled one family to relocate to a new home.

The experience further developed his already keen interest in social responsibility and drove him to invest in the footwear company Gandys Flip Flops, set up by two brothers who tragically lost their parents in the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.

Dominic has now handed over the day to day running of his technology businesses, allowing him to focus on other commercial and social enterprises.  This has also allowed him to continue to support Plymouth University.  As an ex-Plymouth graduate Dominic was keen to encourage student entrepreneurship and recently set up The Dominic List Innovation Fund - an exciting new opportunity for students to gain funding and advice to scale up their start-up businesses. 

In addition Dominic supports a number of charities including, Rotary, The Hebe Foundation, Camp Cando, DNA Summit and Fredericks Foundation and champions young entrepreneurs via - Nacue, National Enterprise Challenge and The Kairos Society.

Dominic is keen to ensure the next generation of UK entrepreneurs and regularly offers his time to pass on his experience, speaking at a number of youth/business events in order to drive Britain forward. “Make Britain Great” a philosophy close to his heart.

If you have an event that you would like Dominic to speak at you can contact him through this website via the Contact form, or alternatively if you would like to post any comments directly on to this website please use the Feedback form.