6 Tips For Selecting a Charity to Invest In

  1. The top 20 charities take 80% of all the donations with the remaining 20% or less going to the cause, that’s why I choose smaller, leaner charities.

  2. What do you feel passionate about? Animals, the environment, people ? Then find a group of charities that best meet your interest.

  3. Do some research. Look at the website and the charity commissions site, but best of all call them up, how do they deal with you? Do you feel like they are interested in your support or just your money?

  4. Is there some other way you can help and engage with them, do you have time or a useful skill? This might be more valuable than money itself.

  5. What is the impact of the charity? Does it only support 2 or are there tens, hundreds or thousands it helps?  Will your help make any difference? What does your contribution buy? Ask them how much of your investment will go to the cause.

  6. How do they raise their money? Word of mouth and references are free, ask your friends and trusted advisors of any charities they know that might need help. Do you want your money to be spent on advertising or the cause?