Peckham Park Road

Peckham Park Youth Project is a charitable organisation set up to meet the needs of the young people in the community.  It is a place for young people who are looking for a quiet place to study in an environment where they can feel safe.

Andre, member of the Peckham Park Youth Project comments, "We are all aware that the young people in the community are failing their exams and people assume that it is because these young people don’t want to work and that they are lazy, but if you don’t have a place to study and revise or to do your homework how are they supposed to pass exams. It is that simple.”

The Quiet Room

The quiet study room utilises a disused area in the back of the Peckham Park Road Baptist church.  The idea behind the room is to provide a place where children from the local community can study, revise, be taught and utilise the computers provided within in a noise and distraction free environment.

Many of the children from the local community do not have this privilege within their own homes and often have to share a room with another family member or living in a house which is not conducive to study.

Dominic’s input to this has been to provide funding in order to finish the work already done on the room.  This included providing hard wearing carpet tiles, furniture including computer and study desks, office chairs, sofas as well as other office equipment. In addition to this, a network of computers, including all software and sufficient security solutions to ensure of the safety of the children has been installed. Finally funding was also provided for a full time assistant in the quiet room. 

Since the official opening flyers have been produced by Andre and his team which have been well received amongst the local community.

It is also worth noting that the room was provided by Anne at the Peckham Park Road Baptist Church, who realises the benefits of a more active involvement by the Church in the local community can provide.